The staff

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The staff

Postby Wraith » Wed Apr 06, 2016 2:48 am

Who is who in Death Toll

I wonder how important Meet the Staff sections are. I know few people read them. However, I figured out they can at least give a visitor a notion of how big the group is, which is something potential applicants consider. So while this may turn out to be a major exercise in futility, it could also end up tickling the curiosity of someone enough for them to make a decision to join us.

When I say that we are a skeleton crew, I'm not lying. We can hardly fill a bus. What follows below is not a comprehensive list, but one of the members who are currently active in the team (that is, committed to a series), plus a few hangers-on. People currently in hibernation or MIA are left out, as are some about whom I don't know much to even make a credible introduction.

Some of what follows is fiction or stretching the truth, so if any member takes issue with it, let me know and I'll edit the profiles accordingly. Also, if I forget anyone, make sure to tell me and I'll correct it.

The translators

Momimomi is the Head of the department and translates from Japanese. He is a creature of secluded habits and his primary source of dietary intake are seals. He is also a One-Man-Army and general pain in the neck because nobody is perfect enough to meet his standards, at least to meet them without unbearable nitpicking. He tends to give rookies nightmares, so we keep him hidden in our IRC channel. For whatever reason he came out of retirement a while ago and has been in charge of Sprite ever since. People who get their instruction on scanlation matters from him generally go insane, but because at Death Toll the difference is hardly ever noticed, it doesn't matter much.

Our freelancer is Royal, whose translations from Japanese are as good as his name implies. He is only with us for the moment, and has no lasting association with Death Toll other than his gracious commitment to Teizokurei Monophobia. He is incredibly well-connected in scanlation, has a very down-to-Earth attitude to it and is probably better known than Death Toll itself. Currently buried in real life, that's why you haven't heard much of Monophobia recently.

Our rookie translator from Japanese is Ringo, who made his debut in scanlation with a bang! by helping us bring Underdog to completion.

As for iddqd, he's our black swan event. He turned in seven scripts of God, you bastard, I wanna kill you in his first 60 hours after joining, and he's also the driving force behind our newest project, Ichigeki. He's experienced, accessible and a real cool cat. So we're now scrambling to keep up with his pace, but that's a good pinch to be in. We hope he stays around and contented for the foreseeable future. You'll see his name in other series soon.

And that leaves me, Wraith, as the remaining translator from Japanese. I happen to be Death Toll's admin, that is, everybody's all-so-obliging amanuensis and the person who does the drudgery. I am a terrible Quality Checker, and as such have been entrusted to quality checking just about everything here. Yes, our train of thought has long left the station of logic. I am in charge of Ouroboros, Suicide Island and our joint with Silent Sky, The moon is beautiful tonight, but first, die.

The cleaners

Our Head Cleaner, currently convalescing, is bubbub. He shocked the community by passing the cleaning test for Sprite on his second attempt. I didn't even have to twist Momimomi's arm to get him approved. A consistent and reliable cleaner and very good with tankie raws, he works quietly in the shadows and thanks to him Sprite is getting back to semi-regular releases. I suspect his name has to do with my favourite series, Beelzebub, but I have never checked on that.

Green Demon is the cleaner currently deployed to our most high-profile project, Ouroboros, a series which we don't really entrust to just anyone (even though I am the one translating it). Famous in the group for his terse, to the point messages and for being not only an ace cleaner but an exceptional redrawer who can even re-create screentones from scratch, he until recently was also the redrawer of Deathtopia. Apparently, his true identity is a very refined black cat who sharpens his claws with an emory board.

The redrawers

Our team of redrawers is possibly unique in that they are not only exceptionally skilled, they are also all very quiet and low-profile, doing their job by succint PMs via the forums or by posting their work there and quickly vanishing back into the night. However, they are the ones who passed our ridiculously hard full redrawing test, all of them in their first attempt, and they can take on the most demanding jobs. They are actually so good, despite being all rookies, that the Redrawing Department was without a Head for quite a while without problems.

Although Green Demon also redraws Ouro on occasion, the main redrawer in that project is æmiz, a young lady of distinction that redraws to soothe her mind and improve her sleep. (Did you hear that, you people who are constantly whining about the stress of redrawing? This lady here redraws to relieve stress, and is in charge of two of the hardest manga out there!) She dislikes redrawing much further ahead not to spoil herself, which keeps the pressure on me to translate Ouro regularly, so be thankful to her for that as well!

Mii is the cleaner and redrawer of God, you bastard… and redrawer of Underdog. Also, the current Head of Department, which only means he's the one who assesses tests, because the other redrawers here are just as uncannily skilled as he. He is very patient, waiting for as long as necessary for a chapter, and this tenacity brings tears to my eyes when I think of it. He is also learning Japanese and aspires to be able to translate manga one day, so who knows, maybe he will join us in the translator team in the near future!

Sarrymast is a legend here for having done the hardest redraw in memory. He is Mii's predecessor as Head, and actually designed the tests that keep forcing applicants to eat the humble pie. But he spent a year away due to real life stuff and even now is busy, so his only commitments right now are with The moon is beautiful tonight, but first, die and Sprite. Which is about the hardest combination conceivable - the former is all line art and screentones, the latter all double spreads, gradients and patterns.

ILikeTurtles decided to defy the jinx that hovers over Suicide Island and applied spontaneously when I wasn't even recruiting. A little of a porcupine, writing in terse messages but always delivering near flawless redraws, he debuted in scanlation with us and has hung around ever since.

The typesetters

Our Head of Typesetting is Yothen, a rascally sarcastic, thick-skinned fellow whom Ouroboros and Deathtopia readers know for his witticisms in the margins. He is also a seasoned scanlation veteran who is no longer impressed by anything and a high priest of the Real Bubble Centering Church, and will be implacable on heretics who center on imaginary bubbles. His vision is genetically modified to detect 1-px deviations at a glance, which causes much dismay among applicants. Fortunately, he couples that with amazing leniency on miscreants, more often passing them on probation than outright failing them. He is also a decent cleaner and sometime-redrawer.

Realmruler1 is the Sprite typesetter. Also one who was good enough to pass Momimomi's standards. He has a to-business attitude, and delivers his typesets reliably and without much talk. His motivation never wanes and he never disappears, which is essential in a series that has gone through long spells of inconsistent releases like Sprite.

Pochacco is the perfectionist in this department (after our dear Kuroto left). She is a scanlator through and through, and is an admin at iMangaScans - go check their work. Aside from her work on Suicide Island and Teizokurei Monophobia, she's also a great cleaner and a talking partner of mine for scanlation issues.

The proofreaders

Our Head of Proofreading and oldest member of the team (both in age and time of service) is PervySageChuck (PervySageCharles for respect), a nutjob we cannot get rid of for fear of being sent to jail for releasing pestilence unto the world. So we keep him in the dungeon, since nothing else seems to work. He is notorious (and that's the appropriate word) in the scanlation community for… well, perversion and strange deviant behaviour. He originated our wicked habit of leaving abusive or sarcastic margin notes, and takes pride in that. He is in coming out of an extended break, is doing Ichigeki and will soon resume his work on Sprite.

Zeroaintdead is our other proofreading machine, a veteran who takes pride in revising a page per minute. He is very well-connected in the scanlation community and is currently in charge of Monophobia, Suicide Island, The Moon is beautiful tonight but, first, die and Underdog. He can be a little scary to rookies for his blunt way with words, but delivers extremely polished proofs.

Comicryan is Pervy's creature, a rookie trained by him and as such strives not only to correct grammar, but to improve style and flow. He was my partner in crime in Deathtopia and is learning Japanese as well. He lives in sweet idyll with his wife, who helps him proofreading on occasion and doesn't mind his doing ecchi series. Currently deployed to God, you bastard, I wanna kill you!

MaHa9392 was originally recruited as a temp after Pervy left, but she turned out to be enthusiastic, patient and a great partner in crime, so now she has the distinction of working on our flagship, Ouroboros. She is probably the politest person around: if you put Pervy and her in the same room, they will annul each other in a huge explosion.

EvilLittleThing the scanner

EvilLittleThing is the sole member of the team in charge of generating raws. She does it for Sprite, as our other series either use public raws or are stalled. A very enthusiastic rookie, she was ensnared into becoming a team member after a very quick exchange of comments after I announced we were out of high-quality raws. One moment she was asking about what it takes to generate raws, the next moment she was checking her scanner specs and learning to use a hairdrier to debind books, the next I had forced her hand to sign the dotted line. She is our newest member, too, so welcome her!

And that's it. A bunch of people ripe for the madhouse, ain't we? Ready to join?

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Re: The staff

Postby PervySageChuck » Wed Apr 06, 2016 10:34 am


How DARE you!?

I demand that you show me the proper amount of (dis)respect by addressing me as "Your Royal Assholiness and Supreme Perversity, the Right (dis)Honorable PervySageChuck, Master(bater) to All Things Disgusting, Depraved, Despicable, Deviant and Delusional"!!!

Now... Bow down with your heads to the ground and your asses raised high so that I might violate and molest them at my leisure!
Thank you for your attention. We now return you to your regularly scheduled manga, already in progress.
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Re: The staff

Postby motato » Wed Apr 06, 2016 4:49 pm

Oh, Wraith! I can't explain just how much I love this hahaha
Great job!
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Re: The staff

Postby Hanakumu » Wed Apr 06, 2016 7:11 pm

Great job...

You HAD to mention my probation, didn't you?!
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Re: The staff

Postby Mii » Thu Apr 07, 2016 3:46 pm

That was really good! I have not got to know any of the other members, so it is really interesting to read a bit about who else is part of Death Toll! :)
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Re: The staff

Postby Comicryan » Thu Apr 14, 2016 3:07 am

Nice intros and good to see names associated with the projects.


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