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Cleaner Test

Postby FlareX » Sat Mar 24, 2018 10:18 am

Name: FlareX
Availability: [GMT +5:30] evening and night
What Manga You're Interested In: Mangas with no tight schedule
Software: Photoshop CC 2015
Experience: Worked for the Zero Alliance. Created credits pages for some groups
Other Groups: None.


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Re: Cleaner Test

Postby Wraith » Sat Mar 24, 2018 12:17 pm

Hi, FlareX, thanks for you application!

Unfortunately, we're unable to pass you at this point. Here's your assessment:

- Pages 1 and 2 are well cropped and straightened. They still need some dusting, but the main problem is that you swapped the halves. The left half should be on the right and vice-versa.

- Page 3 was a little over-levelled, but you get extra points for getting rid of the blurriness without affecting the patterns and without excessive sharpness.

- Problems begin in earnest on page 4. It's under-dusted. All the hair and areas that should be black are essentially grey because of dust specks.

- Same for page 5, with the extra problem that you reduced it to 1200 px height. That page is from high-resolution volume raws, they should stay at a much larger size, like 2400 px.

- Page 6 should also be resized to a much bigger height, but you also overlevelled it to try to get rid of Dust, with the consequence that the art lost detail. The shadows around facial features essentially vanished.

- Page 7 should have been split in halves, since it's not a double (they were just scanned together). It's not resized, too, you left it at the scanning height of 4260 px. It's not properly cropped, either.

In addition, you need to pay attention, in all pages, to how you use the Bubble Cleaning Action. You probably chose a wrong value for the Wand Tolerance, because the action affected the bubble edges, which became thinner.

Finally, I'll add that what I did above was just a triage. Tests pass by me before forwarding them to the Head Cleaner. She may find things I don't see. In your case, given the problems above I won't send the test to her.

Should you choose to try again, we'll be happy to assess your new submission. Take care.

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