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Typesetter Test

Postby AmineKudo » Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:59 am

Name: AmineKudo
Availability: I think I can be online for at least one hour a day
What Manga You're Interested In: Suicide Island (Jisatsutou), also it's the one that I want to work on it
Software: What software will you be using? Photoshop CC
Experience: Have you ever did scanlation before? No
Other Groups: What other scanlation groups are you currently in? ..

Test: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wn2kex9kbqik4 ... D.rar?dl=0

As I mentioned, I only want to work on Suicide Island.
Also, I would like that we start releasing at least a chapter every week.


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Re: Typesetter Test

Postby Wraith » Sun Feb 04, 2018 2:11 am

Hi, AmineKudo,

thanks for the interest, but we're not recruiting for Suicide Island. We have a typesetter who normally turns the chapter in in under two days.

Since you only want to work on SI, I won't trouble our Head Typesetter or make you wait for nothing, so your test won't be graded.

And because you have gone so far as taking our test, in exchange for your generosity with your own free time, I'll explain the situation with SI releases.

I normally only need two hours to translate a chapter of SI. Sometimes as little as 45 minutes. It's a really easy series. A hard chapter may take two sittings, but that's all. Compared to my main projects, Ouroboros and Shounen Y, this is really a piece of cake.

The proofreader is also very fast, as the chapters are short.

So what's keeping us from faster releases?

Cleaning and redrawing, that's what. We used private, high-resolution raws for it, and these take time to clean, especially dusting. We have a cleaner, though, and that alone can be circumvented if she cleans ahead of the rest of the team and leaves a stack of chapters in advance.

But redrawing is a real drag. It's not the fault of our redrawer: he's diligent, committed to the series and very skilled, but he has another project in a different group and he's got a busy real life, too. He told me he cannot release a chapter in fewer than three weeks. The series isn't the hardest, but not the easiest either. It's above average for the standards of ordinary groups, though at Death Toll we're used to much more challenging series.

The redrawer, ILikeTurtles, said he could cooperate with a second redrawer to share pages and speed releases up. I'm not currently recruiting for one because we have other priorities (like solving lack of cleaning staff for our other series), but if you know some SI addict who can redraw well, send them our way and I'll put them through a test ^_^

And although I cannot make any promises (I have a real life, too), I translate based on how fast releases are. The faster a chapter is completed, the more motivated I feel to do the next one. Right now, 131 is at redrawing. I shall translate 132 within a couple days of 131 being released. In the unlikely even that releases become weekly, I'll be able to keep the pace. In the past, I translated a volume in less than two weeks.
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Re: Typesetter Test

Postby AmineKudo » Sun Feb 04, 2018 3:52 am

Oh, I understand the situation now.
It seems it can't be helped, unless a new Redrawer apply for SI. TT TT

For me, I don't know how to draw.. All I can do since I'm familiar with Photoshop is copy and paste, use Healing Brush/Clone Stamp.. to get rid of the text.
Sometimes it can be easy and works well, sometimes it's not.. But since there will be another text over it, most of the times it end up okay.

Also, I found that this manga has been fully scanlated in French, and they did a pretty good job at redrawing.
So if you were gonna take the raw from them, it would've been easier.. But since you told me that you guys are working with a High quality raw..
even taking some parts of the redrawing from them isn't possible I guess.
Here is an example of a page from Ch. 131:
Raw: https://raw.senmanga.com/Jisatsutou/131/1
French Version: http://www.japscan.com/lecture-en-ligne ... -14/7.html

And here is an example of me trying to get rid of the text from both (Raw and French) ;^^
(Don't judge the translation xD, I only translated the text from French)

The French version was easier to take the text out from it and the result was better. X3

Anyway, Thanks for your time ^_^ and good luck.
I hope the situation will get better.

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