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Cleaner Test

Postby SR518 » Thu Jan 18, 2018 9:42 pm

Name: SR518
Availability: Thursday-Sunday 4/5 pm - 12 pm (UCT +5.30)
What Manga You're Interested In: Rain,Berserk,Beelzebub are some of my favorite manga.Would love to work on fantasy ,Isekai type ,but any manga would be fine.
Software: Photoshop CC
Experience: Nil
Other Groups: None
Test link: ... sp=sharing

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Re: Cleaner Test

Postby Wraith » Thu Jan 18, 2018 11:56 pm

Hi, SR518, thanks for your application and the interest in joining Death Toll.

Unfortunately, you don't pass.

You straightened and cropped the pages correctly, and you removed the text in the bubbles, but you don't have a good grasp on levelling. You levelled pages that needed no levelling, and you overdid it to the point that details of the art were lost across the board.

You also applied heavy filters (I cannot tell which) to some pages, eliminating more detail and damaging patterns of the art.

I'd also add that your didn't notice there were two pages in the test that needed to be pre-merged into a double, leaving a gap for the redrawer in the middle.

While you're welcome to apply again if you correct those problems, let me add that Rain is the only fantasy series we do, and we have no open positions for it. If you like isekai that much, I'd recommend you try groups that specialised in the genre, like LHTranslations. But that's for you to decide.

Take care.

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