Typesetter Test

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Typesetter Test

Postby tugod » Wed Oct 18, 2017 6:08 am

https://www.dropbox.com/s/x6obbua58uk5p ... d.zip?dl=0

My name is kb
I'm available somewhat sporadically, especially now as I transition to a new job, however, I do a lot of work at night and usually am able to stay on top of things fairly well.
The manga that drew me here was Cutie Mutie, however I really enjoy reading a wide variety of manga so I would be open to doing different series as needed.
The software I will be using is Photoscape X for Mac.
I have never had a scanlating experience before.
I am in no other scanlation groups currently.

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Re: Typesetter Test

Postby Wraith » Wed Oct 18, 2017 10:00 am

Hi, kb, thanks for the application!

I normally give the applications a cursory look before deciding whether to forward them to the Head Typesetter for a full assessment. I am afraid that, in your case, this is not warranted: at this point, we're unable to pass you.

Broadly, you've oversized the text inside the bubbles, and also positioned it off-centre. In the blocks of text outside bubbles in page six, you shaped them improperly and also put the texts of panel 2 in panel 1. The Layer Effects were also insufficient to highlight the characters (the Stroke was too narrow) and you shouldn't have written the text on panel 3 in white.

So you need to polish your skills before re-applying. There are several tutorials for typesetting in the net. This one's very popular: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/11n5sy0mlhbh ... EySsa?dl=0

However, before you re-apply, we have to consider the software you use. I don't know Photoscape X, but is it capable of generating multi-layered PSD files in which each block of text remains as an editable layer? We need that, and full compatibility of the file with Photoshop in order to complete scanlation (redrawing and quality-checking). You submitted the application as PNGs, but that is a release format we only generate in the end: the intermediate steps in the scanlation pipeline use PSD. If you can't do that with Photoscape X, I'm afraid you'll need to find a Photoshop cracked version and learn how to use it before re-applying. That would apply to any scanlation group (most use Photoshop, some use GIMP).

If you decide to re-apply later, good luck!

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