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Cleaner Test

Postby AzureK » Mon Aug 02, 2021 8:07 am ... p=drivesdk

Name: Æshr
Availability: Usually
What Manga You're Interested In: Souboutei Kowasu Beshi, How to Fight, Terror Man, DICE
Software: Procreate, Pixelmator Photo, ibisPaintX
Experience: -
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Re: Cleaner Test

Postby Wraith » Tue Aug 03, 2021 2:32 am

Hi, AzureK,

thanks for your application. I had our Head Cleaner check it out. His verdict is that you have good instincts - you have a proper grasp of how a page should be cleaned. However, at this point there are too many problems with your application to warrant approval, so you haven't made the cut. Unfortunately, he added that the number of problems also precludes pointing all of them out - you need to redo the pages from scratch.

We have a standing offer to mentor applicants, but in your case there's a problem: you don't use Adobe Photoshop. We don't have anything against any raster graphics program that works - the only step of scanlation for which Photoshop is a must is typesetting, for reasons I won't explain here. But all our veteran editors who could teach you to clean only know Photoshop, so at most they could show you what properly cleaned pages look like, but you'd have to figure out how to achieve those results using your software. I'm not entirely sure how feasible that would be, but if you'd like to discuss it further, just join our Discord ( and send me a direct message. (We don't enforce use of instant messaging or social networks for members who pass their test, so you'd be allowed to leave Discord once you passed, but for mentoring we need real-time interaction.)

If you think you'd rather train on your own, then check out the tutorials for physicals here: ... tingguides

They're Photoshop-oriented, but you could use them for reference of what to try to accomplish using your programs.

Also, please re-download the test if you want to try again and re-read the Readme.txt file, we've updated it to make a couple things clearer.

If you decide this is as far as you go, I thank you for your time and effort so far, and hope you continue enjoying our series.


P.S.: when we ask "what manga you're interested in", we mean from the ones we're recruiting for, though we're flattered you like several of our series. As you may know, Terror Man is finished, DICE is only hosted by us and the team in charge has also finished it, Souboutei is 12 chapters from conclusion and we have a full team, and we also have a full team for How to Fight, meaning we're not recruiting editors for these two series.

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