Cleaner test

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Cleaner test

Postby FlyingCow » Mon Oct 31, 2016 12:02 pm

Name: Put whatever name you want to be credited as here.FlyingCow
Availability: Write how often and when you are available here.Most of the tine except during my tests and exams
What Manga You're Interested In: What manga brought you here? Which do you want to work on?Ourobros,anything not too ecchi should be okay
Software: What software will you be using?GIMP
Experience: Have you ever done scanlation before?Yes
Other Groups: What other scanlation groups are you currently in?Irregular Scans

Also Im not sure about the scaling.

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Re: Cleaner test

Postby Wraith » Mon Oct 31, 2016 6:58 pm

Well, FlyingCow, thanks for the interest.

However, I must say that you would have saved yourself some time if you had looked at the recruitment ad in our recent releases. We're not recruiting cleaners currently. Our only open position is a redrawer for Sprite. Ouro has a cleaner already, so does Sprite, I clean Deathtopia and DxR myself, SI has a cleaner and Monophobia has been cleaned to completion.

Still, we might need cleaners in the future and our policy is never to turn an application down at least without giving it a look. So I did a quick assessment of yours (after having a friend convert the XCFs into PSDs, as I don't have GIMP myself).

I'm afraid you don't pass. Your only page that was properly cleaned was 06. Page 01 was properly levelled and dusted, and it would pass as well. It was just a bit rotated. However, the other four pages are unacceptable.

Page 03 was not cropped right and it was so overlevelled all detail was lost. The pistol almost faded into the dark background. I don't know what you did for it to become so sharp, either.

Page 04 was cropped improperly, too, and again you overlevelled it so much that the patterns became messy. You didn't remove the ads from the white border to the left, either.

Page 05 needed no levelling, but you did it nonetheless and the characters almost disappeared into the dark background.

As for page 07, you cropped too much on the right, to little on the bottom and you didn't change the image mode to greyscale. The overlevelling was also noticeable. The samurai warrior almost disappeared in the last panel, whereas in the original we could even see his clothes partially.

Since you are experienced, I am a little tantalised at this test, to be honest. Maybe the final cleaned layers got lost due to incompatibilities between GIMP and Photoshop at the moment of exporting? The colleague who did it for me didn't mention anything, though. You may wish to send them to me in an open format like PNG just to make sure.

Well, that's it. If you wish to re-submit, we'll be glad to take another look ^_^

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