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Redraw Test

Postby ancientharvey » Mon Jan 18, 2021 10:10 am ... sp=sharing

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Re: Redraw Test

Postby theshittywiz » Thu Jan 21, 2021 12:57 am

Hello, Harvey.

Thank you for taking the redrawing test here at Death Toll, and apologies for the delay. I'm TheShittyWiz, head redrawer here at Death Toll Scanlations, and I'm here to give an assessment of your application. First things first, you failed the test, there were too many obvious rookie mistakes throughout the application to warrant a pass. Below here will follow a detailed assessment of each page, what was wrong and how it could be improved.
One general tip I can give you before I break down each page, however, is to always whiteout the text (before, after) on the pages before you begin redrawing, since this allows for a much better and less confusing overview, which allows you to clearly see what needs to be done and how.

Page _0011: On the top panel on this page you used solid colours, however, in the original the lines are smooth gradients, in which the middle is dark and the colour fades out towards the sides. The simplest way of redrawing this would probably be to first fill the lines out with a dark, solid colour, then using the dodge tool with low strength and hardness to make the line have the same general gradient look. For a final little touch, the "add noise" filter can be used to make the area look a bit more like how it does in the original together with a bit more burning and dodging to make it look natural.

Page _0031: Similarly to the previous page, the primary issues here are the patterns. On the top left panel, the pattern on both sides of the girl looks very messy. When cloning patterns, you generally want to have to change the source of the brush as little as possible, since this makes it easier to create seamless patterns. Here I've been able to cover about half of the left-most text using only a single stroke of the clone brush with the red point as my source, of course, the pattern still doesn't really fit with the area around it, but this can be remedied with a bit of dodging and burning, once you think it fit together with the surroundings you can move on to the next bit of the cloning. Fixing patterns like this is unfortunately a rather meticulous process that takes a lot of patience.
On the panel below that, the polka dots don't line up at all, which needs to be fixed. A tip for when you are cloning patterns like this is to hold down alt after you've chosen your clone source, by holding and releasing alt(or shift) you can compare the source of your clone stamp with the area under it, allowing you to accurate line them up.
On the bottom left panel, the colour of your line art is incorrect, the colour you used is grey instead of black, and the linework itself is pretty wonky.

Page _0047: One repeated mistake you made throughout this application which is especially apparent on this page is that the strokes in your linework is way too thick. This can be seen on the top right panel, where you even went out of your way to make the lines on the character's body thicker, even though they were meant to be thin and faint in the original. Besides this the pattern was also poorly cloned, and rather than having a nice, regular look, it just looks like noise.

Page _052-053: This page looks pretty fine overall, there are a few places here and there where you forgot to connect some lines, or the ones you drew looks a bit jagged, but there's nothing major wrong on the page.

Page _0126: The gradient on the left-side is all kinds of messed up, though on this page you don't even need to bother with dodging and burning, since there's a gradient on the left that you can just clone, there are also issues with the linework here, being both too jagged and thick.
Your attempt to use the clone tool on the second panel is overly obvious, with the speedlines not having any sharp ends and not lining up. To do this redraw properly you'd simply have to draw in the missing portions of the speedlines manually rather than trying to use the clone tool.

Page _0161: To fix this page you'd simply need to burn the clouds a bit, so there's a smooth transition between the light and dark area.

So, that's the assessment, while it may be understandable and acceptable to fail on the harder redraws in the test, like those on pages 0011 and 0031, you still made too many basic mistakes on each page to pass. If you wish to, then you are of course free to retry the test and send in a new attempt, otherwise, I'd once again like to thank you for trying out the test, and reading through my assessment, even though it ended up being a bit long winded.

Love, TheShittyWiz

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