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crimson moon
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Cleaner Test

Postby crimson moon » Wed Nov 18, 2020 12:11 pm

Availability:available on weekends (saturday & sunday)
What Manga You're Interested In: Issak, Ouroboros, & willing to do other manga, preferably seinen genre.
Software:Adobe Photoshop
Other Groups:none

files: ... sp=sharing

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Re: Cleaner Test

Postby Wraith » Wed Nov 18, 2020 12:58 pm

Hello, Crimson Moon, thanks for applying.

I do triage on the applications, checking for more obvious problems, and select those that deserve an assessment by the Head Cleaner.

Right now, I'm afraid yours doesn't make the cut, here's a breakdown of problems:

File 03: you only cleared the bubbles, without adjusting tones by levels or curves.

File 04: rotation is okay, cropping left one pixel width to the left. The bubble action damaged the bubble edges, probably because you kept the Anti-Aliasing box checked, or your tolerance was set too high.

You haven't dusted the white areas properly, a 253-1-255 hyperlevelled layer reveals the remaining black specks: ... l.png?dl=0
Same for black specks, visible a 1-1-3 hyperlevels: ... l.png?dl=0 (his hair in the middle panel, the shadow areas on the bookshelves and the SFX at the bottom right, for example)

Tone adjustment was okay, but you used some filter that made the picture blurry (Surface Blur, I guess).

File 5 is also blurry and hyperlevelled towards black, it became too dark.

This pic showcases three problems: ... s.png?dl=0 (dust visible on white areas, too much levelling erased the samurai's mail coat pattern, and the bubble hasn't been cleared).

File 6: bubble edges damaged by the action, a little too much levelled towards white, not cropped properly (black stripes at edges), black dust still visible on hyperlevels. And the magazine ads at the right border weren't completely removed.

File 7: bubble edges damaged by the action, a tad blurry, A LOT of black dust still visible ( ... m.png?dl=0), a little bit of white as well.

You failed to notice the Ouro files were halves of a double page, and didn't combine them into a single file, aligning them in the middle with a gap for the redrawer to work on. So I won't say anything about the rest of the cleaning as they need to be analysed together.

The above isn't exhaustive. Be sure to check bubbles on all files.

If you'd like to polish your skills, correct the problems and resubmit, we'll be delighted to reassess it. Delux's and Sarrymast's guides on cleaning from this list should be able to help you: . Also, adjusting tones by Curves is superior to levels: ... clean.html (see Step 3)

If you've had enough, thank you for your time.


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