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How to Apply [Translator]

Postby kabuto » Wed Aug 19, 2015 1:48 am

Current Openings:
We are currently recruiting Japanese to English (preferred) and Chinese to English translators.  Specific series in need of translation can be discussed after you have been accepted. 

Translator Responsibilities:
Provide accurate Japanese/Chinese->English translations of assigned chapters in a timely fashion.

Translator Expectations:
Fluency or at least literary proficiency in both the source [Japanese or Chinese] and target [English] languages.  No experience in translation per se or scanlation is necessary, but you are expected to know the source language well enough to translate accurately, and the target language [English] well enough so that our proofreaders will not start crying when they read your scripts.  An ideal translator needs minimal editing!  Accepted translators without experience will be given basic training in how to format scripts.  You are expected to complete translations at a reasonable pace, the exist details of which are fairly negotiable. 

Application Information:
To apply, please download and complete the appropriate test below (instructions are in the files), and PM the link to your test script along with your answers to the questions below to Uruner.  He will get back to you within ~3 days with commentary and an overall decision.  The possible outcomes of application are [Accept], [Provisional Accept], and [Rejection].  If accepted unconditionally, you will be given a choice of open series (in your source language of choice), and you will be given free reign with translations for those series, after a brief orientation.  If accepted provisionally, your first 1-3 translations will be reviewed, to ensure that the level of accuracy is acceptable, after which you will be free to unleash your translations on the world. 

Note: The tests are rather challenging.  The excerpts are from literature for native speakers.  This is to ensure that you can handle the level of Chinese or Japanese that you may encounter in a typical manga.  Best of luck!

[Chinese->English Test]
[Japanese->English Test]

Required Questions:
1) Proficiency.  Please describe your background in the source language [Chinese/Japanese]:  Native speaker?  Studied in school?  Self-study?  Have you passed any proficiency exams in that language [JLPT/TOCFL/HSK/etc]?

2) Experience.  Do you have any experience in translation or scanlation?  Which groups have you worked with before, which series did you work on, and how many chapters did you translate? (Again, experience is not required to apply.  We do not have an exclusivity policy, either, so you can continue to work with your existing groups, as well, if you are already involved in scanlation).

3) Motivation.  Why are you interested in translating for Death Toll?  Which DT series do you read?  Which is your favorite?

4) Availability.  How much time do you anticipate having available for translation?  How often do you think you would be able to complete a chapter?  How much time does it take you to complete a chapter (short chapters ~20 pages, long ~50)  What time zone are you in?

Please PM Wraith for further information and/or application-related questions.

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