Pertaining Satanophany

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Pertaining Satanophany

Postby Wraith » Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:31 pm

or Satanophony, who knows…

I give up. All of you ecchi lovers win. Our hyperactive translator, iddqd, has translated chapter 01. And we have webraws.

I'm checking whether one of our proofreaders is interested, but this shouldn't be a problem.

But we're overstretched in the editorial department. If you want to bask in Yamada Yoshinobu's nonsense, you'd better apply to typeset for us (test:

As for cleaning and redrawing, the Brazilian group who got our Deathtopia PSDs offered to do edition for us. That was a few days ago and I don't know (I've sent them a PM) whether the offer is still standing, but if you are a cleaner-redrawer and apply to join us like, NOW, and pass our test, we will take you in and give you the job.

Our general test for redrawing should be enough ( For cleaning, you just have to know how to clear bubbles.

Happy? Then please stop sending us the raws again and asking whether we'll do it, please. Half of me is actually hoping that another group will beat us to it, though that is beginning to look unlikely, seeing as we have completed translation.

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