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Truth Weavers, chapters 23 and 24, plus extra 24.1 (MANGA TRANSLATORS WANTED!)

Posted: Mon Nov 21, 2022 12:24 am
by Wraith
Enjoy the chapters!

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

Extra 24.1

With this, we've caught up to volume raws. Volume 6 is still several months away, so our first decision has been made: we'll move in to magazine raws, even though that means smaller pages (we might dabble a little with upscaling as this series has relatively tame art, but we aren't too keen on that) and editorial insertions on cover pages. Further down the road, we'll have to decide whether to wait to combine halves of split chapters.

Like extra 19.1, extra 24.1 hasn't been compiled into a volume yet, so it's probably going to be renumbered in the future.

There's a download option in the reader, too.

We'd like manga translators to resume or start projects. Please apply!