She's convinced that I can see 'something' One-shot (EDITORS NEEDED!)

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She's convinced that I can see 'something' One-shot (EDITORS NEEDED!)

Postby Wraith » Fri May 10, 2019 5:50 pm

One of our translators has an interest in short, simple Twitter stories. There's been a trend, which other scanlation groups have also been following, of self-publishing in Twitter and Pixiv. Scanlation can bring visibility to the authors, too. In this case, and rather unusually, we got the author's permission to do this. Expect more like this one to come from us.

It's not intended for publication in a magazine, and as such, the pages are very small even at native resolution.


It's also available via Mangadex and IRC and can be downloaded from the reader, too.

Incidentally, we need editors across the board. Please apply!

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