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    If you visit our site regularly, you know that I tend to neglect this recruitment box. It's not so easy to update it, so instead I'll just link you to our recruitment page in MDex. It may seem weird to use the recruitment page we posted in another site to advertise our vacancies, but at least that one is mostly up to date at all time. You don't need to register to see the page: https://mangadex.org/thread/6317.

    It also includes our invitation to translators for new projects.

    Remember, scanlation is a hobby. There's no money involved in it whatsoever.

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Deathtopia, chapters 20 and 21 (RECRUITING!)

Another double release, but this time the chapters are rather short:

Chapter 20


Chapter 21


They are also available via IRC and Batoto and can be downloaded from the reader, too.

(No, this does not mean we will be always doing double releases now. I don't like putting pressure on our editors. DT is a laid-back team and will continue to be so. If they feel like it, though, releases may speed up.)

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Deathtopia, chapter 17 (RECRUITING TEMPS FOR THIS!!)

And here is a new chapter:

Chapter 17


It's also available via IRC and Batoto and can be downloaded from the reader, too.

Feel like helping us speed this up! Read our recruitment call and apply!

Incidentally, I have this translated up to chapter 38 and am in sync with Japan now.

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I know it makes no sense, but we have started another project:

Chapter 15


It's also available via IRC (or will be when we sort out some problems with the server) and Batoto and can be downloaded from the reader, too.

Please heed the recruitment call, things are getting difficult for our other series here! We need a cleaner for Sprite like, NOW!

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Read this before choosing a test, please!

I can't believe I am writing this...

Well, some very strange things have happened with applications.

For some reason, a few among you seem to have been working under the assumption that the Editor's test is the most comprehensive one or the test of choice if you want to pick up just any job we are recruiting for. I admit that part of this is our fault: maybe we oughtn't to have called it the "editor's test", but I cannot think of a better word, seriously.

So here are a few guidelines to avoid your wasting time (yours and ours) in the future. Read this carefully before choosing a test.

Lesson 01: the definition of the Editor's test and why you won't get to redraw for us by doing it just because it is easier

An editor is quite a prestigious title here at Death Toll. We use it for people who can at least clean and typeset, and thus can be entrusted with editing a series solo if they can also redraw. We have just one at the moment, Kabuto, who is also our Head Cleaner.

However, redraw [...]

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Welcome to the New Forum

As you've probably noticed the forum looks different, we decided to upgrade to 3.1.x and I took the chance to give the forum a clean slate to work with. The old one was an awful mess of dead links and poor layout and I hope that I've done a better job with this one.

Well some kinks are being worked out, but we hope you'll register and continue giving us your support. I'm doing it two and a half hours early because I'm impatient and I'm sorry I forgot to put the day in the mass email X3

If you already had an account on the old forum you'll need to register again on this forum.

Old site can be found at: http://www.deathtollscans.net/oldforum/

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