• We're recruiting!
    If you visit our site regularly, you know that I tend to neglect this recruitment box. It's not so easy to update it, so instead I'll just link you to our recruitment page in MDex. It may seem weird to use the recruitment page we posted in another site to advertise our vacancies, but at least that one is mostly up to date at all time. You don't need to register to see the page: https://mangadex.org/thread/6317.

    It also includes our invitation to translators for new projects.

    Remember, scanlation is a hobby. There's no money involved in it whatsoever.

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Hell is other people, chapter 36 (KR-EN TRANSLATORS AND WEBTOON EDITORS NEEDED!)

We're back!

Chapter 36

The reader also has a download option.

We'd like more translators to start or resume projects, and webtoon editors, too! Please apply!

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Task Force for Paranormal Disaster Management, chapter 16 (MANGA TYPESETTERS DESPERATELY NEEDED!)

We're back!

Chapter 16

The reader also has a download option.

We're looking for cleaners for our manga projects. Please apply!

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Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 8

The reader has a download option, too.

We need typesetters to resume several projects. Please apply!

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Saru Lock, chapter 101

Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 101

It can be downloaded from the reader, too.

We need cleaners to begin new projects. Please apply!

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Alcohol is for Married Couples, Chapters 102-6

Enjoy the chapters!

Chapter 102

Chapter 103

Chapter 104

Chapter 105

Chapter 106

There's a download option in the reader, too.

We need cleaners for our stalled manga projects! Please apply!

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