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    If you visit our site regularly, you know that I tend to neglect this recruitment box. It's not so easy to update it, so instead I'll just link you to our recruitment page in MDex. It may seem weird to use the recruitment page we posted in another site to advertise our vacancies, but at least that one is mostly up to date at all time. You don't need to register to see the page: https://mangadex.org/thread/6317.

    It also includes our invitation to translators for new projects.

    Remember, scanlation is a hobby. There's no money involved in it whatsoever.

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Teizokurei Monophobia chapter 4.5

Here's the chapter:

Chapter 4.5


It is also available via IRC and Batoto and can be downloaded from the reader, too.

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Welcome to the New Forum

As you've probably noticed the forum looks different, we decided to upgrade to 3.1.x and I took the chance to give the forum a clean slate to work with. The old one was an awful mess of dead links and poor layout and I hope that I've done a better job with this one.

Well some kinks are being worked out, but we hope you'll register and continue giving us your support. I'm doing it two and a half hours early because I'm impatient and I'm sorry I forgot to put the day in the mass email X3

If you already had an account on the old forum you'll need to register again on this forum.

Old site can be found at: http://www.deathtollscans.net/oldforum/

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Here's the chapter:

Chapter 70


It's also available via IRC and Batoto and can be downloaded from the reader, too.

Pause a second to appreciate Sarrymast's magnificent work on pages 35 and 36. And if you think you can one-up him, we have lots of work for redrawers with lots of skill and pluck, so please heed our recruitment call and apply!

Congrats on the rest of their team - Yothen, Hack, XEagle - for their impeccable work, and many thanks to Kabuto for finding these great raws floating in the net!

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