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    We also need a cleaner (test at https://goo.gl/W41Cvx) and a typesetter (https://goo.gl/vQuPZA) for Funouhan. For each position, you may submit your applications to me (Wraith) as a PM, or post them as a download link in the Join Us section in this site. Note: this ad is a concise version of the more detailed one that runs with our releases. Due to sheer neglect, sometimes I let it become outdated. So, please, always check out the ad with our latest release (the one in the top of this page) to be sure of what our open positions are.

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The Strange Tales of the Mononobe Antique Bookshop, Chapter 1 (BAIT CHAPTER!)

New series! However, it will only become a project if we find a typesetter for it.

Chapter 1

It is also available via IRC and can be downloaded from the reader, too.

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