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    We need a redrawer for Saru Lock (test: https://goo.gl/qfnsc6 ; you can leave the extra difficulty pages out). You can submit your application to me (Wraith) as a PM, or post them as a download link in the Join Us section in this site. We also welcome translators. Our test is at http://i.imgur.com/lf9eA.jpg The submission procedure is the same.

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Here's the chapter:

Chapter 70


It's also available via IRC and Batoto and can be downloaded from the reader, too.

Pause a second to appreciate Sarrymast's magnificent work on pages 35 and 36. And if you think you can one-up him, we have lots of work for redrawers with lots of skill and pluck, so please heed our recruitment call and apply!

Congrats on the rest of their team - Yothen, Hack, XEagle - for their impeccable work, and many thanks to Kabuto for finding these great raws floating in the net!

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