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    If you visit our site regularly, you know that I tend to neglect this recruitment box. It's not so easy to update it, so instead I'll just link you to our recruitment page in MDex. It may seem weird to use the recruitment page we posted in another site to advertise our vacancies, but at least that one is mostly up to date at all time. You don't need to register to see the page: https://mangadex.org/thread/6317.

    It also includes our invitation to translators for new projects.

    Remember, scanlation is a hobby. There's no money involved in it whatsoever.

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Souboutei must be destroyed, Chapter 74 (REDRAWERS NEEDED FOR THIS!)

The cuckoos are slowly getting quiet…

Chapter 74

It can also be downloaded from the reader.

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A Diary of Embellished Patches, Story 2 (EDITORS NEEDED!)

Well, it wasn't our only contribution, in the end.

Story 2

The reader has a download option, but we terminated our IRC/FTP operation due to lack of demand.

We need editors for several projects. Please apply!

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Rain, chapter 90 (REDRAWER NEEDED FOR THIS!)

Well, we're back.

Chapter 90

It can also be dowloaded from the reader itself, but we've terminated the IRC/FTP option due to lack of demand.

We still need a redrawer for this.

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New project!

Chapter 76

The reader also has a download option.

This series is part of the Superstring Universe created by the YLAB Studio. The series are lightly interconnected in that some characters in one webtoon can be more clearly understood with reference to their roles in others. In this one, for example, the main villain is the childhood friend of the protagonist of Terror Man.

So far, it has been possible to enjoy and understand this series without having to read the others. We do not know if that will remain so in the future, which might influence our decision to continue scanlating this.

We need quite a few editors. Please apply!

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Souboutei must be destroyed, Chapter 73 (REDRAWERS NEEDED FOR THIS!)

Slowly getting saner, unless we get more redrawers for this!

Chapter 73

It can also be downloaded from the reader.

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